We regularly write for publications, and work to support bicycle advocacy and initiatives in Melbourne and further afield.

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Alto Magazine for Bicycle Artisans

We’re in a book.. cool huh?! Alto Magazine wrote an article on the book, which is on sale now

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Women On Bikes

As a keen advocate for women in cycling, Ponybikes has been acknowledged by Treadlie magazine for its role in fostering the support of women on bikes.

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Check out the full article here.


My Bike Project

Ponybikes was involved as a ‘Bike Buddy’, providing education to the attendees of the My Bike Project. Kids coming from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and minority communities were provided with an education program which ran one day a week for 12 weeks. The program covered aspects of bicycle operation, safety and maintenance. At the end of the program, the kids were presented with a bike of their own (at no cost), armed with the knowledge of how to ride and maintain it.


Black Betty

Ponybikes was invited to supply a bike for the State of Design Festival, which ran in both Melbourne, and Sydney. We built up Black Betty, an oldschool beach cruiser, with modern comforts. Here’s the accompanying video:


Treadlie Magazine

Treadlie is one of Australia’s premiere cycling magazines, focussing on cycling culture, fashion and design. Ponybikes is a regular contributor to the magazine.